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VB Net (2003) Programming Course

About this Course:
The Programming Course Lessons are designed for easy reading with step by step programming instruction and explanation. Each Lesson contains Exercises and Questions that you can send in for marking.  It's like having your own Personnel Instructor! The cost for marking each Lesson varies nfrom  $15 to $30 depeding on time to mark. All Lessons are bundled together in a E-Book for convienience.  Students receive the complete E-Book for the cost of marking Lesson 1.

This VB .Net (2003) Course  contains:
  • 15 Lessons - Download Lesson 1 For Free
  • 1 Project
  • VB .Net 2003 Lessons Tutoring also available on Skype™

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    Table of Contents
    • Introduction to VB .Net Programming
    • VB .Net Controls
    • Operators, Statements, Error Handling
    • Functions
    • String, Date and Time Functions
    • VB .Net Common Controls
    • More  VB .Net Common Controls
    • Classes and Objects
    • Reading and Writing to Files
    • Collection Classes, Events and Exceptions
    • ArrayList and Enumerstions, SQL Language
    • Database Programming
    • Usimg Data Reader
    • Using Data Set
    • Datagrid, Data Adapters and Data Relations
    • VB Project 1

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