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Programming Course Descriptions  (Each Lesson)

Programming Course E-Books

Each course contains a series of Lessons, grouped together in an E-Book 

Each Lesson contains step by step instruction in teaching units. Each unit contain one or more exercises so you can practice the material you have studied right away.

You do each lesson in sequence, and then send in your  exercise solutions  for marking.

You may E-Mail your instructor any time for unclear concepts.

 Each Lesson is $15 to $30 to mark (depends  on course). You will receive comments indicating your errors  and a sample solution set.

You purchase the complete course as an E-Book for the cost of marking Lesson 1.

You then pay for each  lesson you want marked.

Course are academic oriented written for university students or companies wanting to train their employees with leading edge technologies.

C  Programming Course
C++ Programming Course
C#  Programming Course
Java  Programming Course
Java  GUI Programming Course $20.00
Advanced Java Programming Course $20.00
Java Script Programming Course $20.00
HTML Programming Course $15.00
VB (6.0)  Programming Course $20.00
VB .Net (2003 )Programming Course $30.00
ASP (3.0) Programming Course $20.00
ASP .Net (2003) Programming Course $20.00
C# .Net (2003) Programming Course $20.00
C Data Structures  Programming Course $20.00
C++ Data Structures Programming Course $20.00
Java Data Structures  Programming Course $20.00
C# Data Structures  Programming Course $20.00

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